Othoz creates Artificial Intelligence that powers next generation financial investments


Othoz develops world-class artificial intelligence that empowers fund managers to create and manage next generation portfolios. Our system ingests huge amounts of market data and learns to identify complex patterns and structure that hint at future market developments. The system is self-learning and automatically adapts to time-varying market behaviour. Based on the predictions about the future our system creates and manages next generation portfolios with customizable risk/return profiles.

Learns from modern data sources

Our system learns to understand and predict market behaviour by analyzing a wide variety of modern data sources that would be hard to interpret using traditional models. The AI autonomously identifies highly complex dependencies over data sources, securities and time.

Constructs Optimal portfolios

Our end-to-end AI-based approach is able to define and simulate portfolios with customer-defined properties regarding risk metrics. The AI supports arbitrary asset classes and trading strategies.

Generates better trading results

Our AI-based system reliably generates better trading results than most traditional models or discretionary stock picking methods do. Contrary to humans the model always acts in an objective way not influenced by short term market changes. The fully automated trading process leads to significantly lower costs.

About us

Othoz was founded in early 2017 by Mathias Eitz, Daniel Willmann and Ronald Richter. The founding team combines significant entrepreneurial and financial knowledge with strong engineering and machine learning expertise. Our research results have been published in the world's premier academic journals and Mathias' work has been covered by the international popular press.

Join our Team

"Disrupting financial markets using deep learning"

Our team members have previously founded tech companies, worked at Germany's top banks and performed research at the world's most renowned universities.

We are based in Berlin and are looking for team members that enjoy working with us on challenging but rewarding problems at the very state-of-the-art in machine learning, engineering and finance.

If you share our passion for a strong engineering culture at the intersection of computer science and finance we would love to hear from you.

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Greifswalder Str. 150, 10409 Berlin, Germany